About Patrick Glynn

I didn’t get into design to be an artist. To me,
an artist creates things to evoke emotion.
Being a designer goes a step further than that,
not only evoking emotion but making a reaction.

Hi, I’m Patrick Glynn, a Website Designer and Front-End Developer living in
JHB South Africa, with a BA in Graphic Design and Multimedia, I have
been working on the Web since 2005, and enjoy every minute of it.

I create user friendly, creative and corporate websites built
according to Web standards and nurture them into an
effective online presence, see my process below.

In my free time

Icon: iPhoneI enjoy spending time with friends, travelling, reading books, playing
squash & browsing websites. I have a passion for technology,
shiny gadgetry & inspiring design work. I also enjoy gaming,
watching stuff and would probably perish without music!

The process

The Process of: Planning, Web Design, Coding and Promotion


The foundation of any successful website is good planning, this phase involves information gathering, site objectives, information architecture, client & user requirements and wireframes for medium-large websites.


The design or ‘look & feel’ is created keeping in-line with the information from the planning process to create a design that is usable, looks great and works for you and your users.


I develop Websites using XHTML & PHP for markup, CSS for styling, JavaScript for interaction and MySQL for data storage. I also use WordPress & Expression Engine for content management systems.


It’s no use having a beautiful, usable website that works if no-one can find it. Using SEO, Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing your web site will be in the spotlight.


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Skills & Services

Information Architecture
Planning / Wireframes
Website Design
Interface Design / Mobile
Front-end Development
Photoshop / Adobe Suite
SEO & Social Media
JavaScript / Jquery
Usability and consulting
Project Management
CMS Solutions

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